Gear Acquisition Syndrome – Do you have GAS?

addiction to buying music gearIf you’ve been reading this blog you may have GAS.  No doubt about it, I have it too.

G.A.S. is a funny acronym that stands for Gear Acquisition Syndrome.   (Follow the this link to a wiki explanation.)

People that have GAS have an unending need to buy more stuff.  Originally the “G” stood for Guitar, but now its use is more general.  Thankfully so.  Otherwise bassist would need to say they have B.A.S. for Bass Acquisition Syndrome.

For myself there always seems to be just one more instrument that I need.  For bassist it seems that this compounded by the large variety of kinds of basses available.  4-string bass? Well of course! 5-string bass? I just need that extra low note! 6-string bass? I need to play a bit of melody sometimes! Fretless?  I just love sliding into those notes and that buzy sound the string makes against the fretboard! 8-string? Those octaves help me stand out in the mix! Upright?  Don’t you just love that vintage vibe!

And it doesn’t end there.  There vintage and boutique, artistically beautiful, technically advantage or just that special tone that you just have to get.

Well the list could go on forever and well beyond pretty much any one person’s budget.  GAS is an obsession, isn’t it.

And all to the chagrin of your spouse.  Once, I bought a bass for myself then realized it was Valentine’s day.  Somehow I’m still married!

I wonder if there is a twelve-step program for us?  If anyone starts one in Vancouver, please let me know!


PS I think it’s safe to say that John Entwistle had GAS.  In fact John could be the poster bassist for our affliction.  (Not that there’s anything wrong with that!)  In fact I’d bet that a lot of us wish we could afford to have GAS.  Or at least be able to satisfy the urge for GAS.


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